Vocab Blitz!: 口 – Mouth

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Yum! Yum!eating, to eat

Watching a baby eat is an adorable sight, that is until he/she makes a mess or plays around with it (do I see parents nodding?)

So in this in this video, we’re going to talk about the Chinese word for mouth and how the same character is also part of a word that is critical to a countries economy.

Now that’s a mouthful


Vocab Blitz!: 手 – Hand

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Remember in movies when the bad guys would CRUNCH his knuckles when he is about to beat someonecrucking_knuckle up?

I do that myself (not to beat someone up, of course!)

Because just like you, I use my hands throughout the day – writing, typing, driving, carrying things around etc.

We use our hands A LOT. That’s why Mandarin is filled with all sorts of words to describe them.

Discover the Mandarin Chinese word for hand…

… and the quick cheat (radical) that’ll help you identify them in an instant.

This information may just come in… handy. 😉


Vocab Blitz!: 心 – Heart

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Your crush is approaching.Mood2

Your heart is pounding like a jackhammer on concrete.

Adrenaline is rushing all over your body, awaiting the moment
to give that great impression.

Now inches away, you open your mouth and…


How to Create a Language Immersion Environment Without Going Abroad or Spending a Ton

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“Success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.”

Winston Churchill


Mars Dorian

So you want to learn Mandarin Chinese, eh?

Then going to China or any other place that speaks Mandarin is the way to go. By living in a Mandarin speaking environment,

you will get the opportunity to

There is a catch though. Reality.


Sidney Christopher Bata: How Mandarin Chinese fed my hunger, my mind and my desire to help others.

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Sidney Bata

“We acquire the strength we have overcome.”  ~Ralph Waldo Emerson


Whenever we meet someone who is multilingual, we can’t help it but to be impressed and awed. We often think that having an additional language is cool to have but often not really worth the effort to acquire it.


But for Mr Sidney Bata, it came to a point of doing so, just to put food on the table. From growing up in one of the highest points in the Philippines in Baguio to sitting as a director in one of the Philippines’ most prestigious university, Sidney’s story will give you a fascinating insight into his life and journey with Mandarin Chinese.



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