JobsDB: Lucrative Careers for Mandarin Biliguals and How to Get Them Part 1

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.”
Sun Tzu

There are tons of people worldwide studying Mandarin Chinese.
Some for fun.
Some for identity.
While others are simply in it for the challenge.
There’s a whole lot though who can see a very lucrative career with their Mandarin fluency.

There’s just one problem…

Where do you find these opportunities and how do you get them?


For that, I interviewed a Arjae Avelino of JobsDB, the no. 1 jobsite for the Asia-Pacific to shed some light on these matter.
This is part 1 of a 2 part interview series where you will discover:

1. The reason why Mandarin bilinguals are in high-demand.
2. Industries that are hiring Mandarin bilinguals.
3. What type of careers are available to you.
4. How much a Mandarin bilingual can earn!

Check out our conversation below to know more. 🙂



00:57 : What is the current trend for Mandarin bilinguals in the job market?

03:20 : Who are hiring bilinguals? 

08:18: What sort of jobs are out there?

09:58: Salary!


[WATCH] JobsDB: Lucrative Careers for Mandarin Biliguals and How to Get Them Part 2


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One Comment

  1. Send your CV to my e-mail at or
    For more details, contact me at 0922-3396057
    (referrals are processed faster)

    *Job Description
    Capital IQ is currently searching for a Financial Language Editor to join our global team in Manila.
    Financial Language Editors are responsible for analyzing and researching local language documents to extract relevant financial and non-financial information, and translating the information into English. Both the translation and distribution processes are supported by proprietary software packages and tools. Editors work closely with colleagues in London and India, who are responsible for different aspects of the overall process.
    -Extremely high remuneration package 🙂

    *Qualifications & Skills Required
    English language proficiency and language translation skills in at least one of the following languages: Mandarin Chinese, Japanese or Korean
    Bachelor’s degree
    Working knowledge of the Internet, computers, MS Office, and desktop applications
    Keen interest in translation and an eye for detail
    Pro-active, highly-trainable team players
    Ability to work with minimal supervision
    Ability to prioritize, multi-task, and deliver with regard to work deadlines
    Positive attitude, ability to interact with individuals in different levels of the organization, and deal with issues in a mature and professional manner
    Interest in finance, accounting and research


  1. JobsDB: Lucrative Careers for Mandarin Bilinguals & How to Get them | - [...] This is part 2 of a 2 part interview series with JobsDB where you will discover: (Watch Part 1)…

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