Insider Secrets from My Bilingual Career and How a Pizza started it all

“A thing long expected takes the form of the unexpected when at last it comes”

– Mark Twain


Zarah Ching

Have you ever experienced something unexpected that seemed trivial at the time but went on to play a significant part in your life?

That’s what happened to Ms Zarah Ching, a bilingual professional, who discovered her passion for Mandarin Chinese through a care-free pizza session?!

A passion that eventually led her to a lucrative bilingual career in one of the best industries there are… Tourism and Hospitality!

* Get to know what a bilingual professional actually does,
* Learn what are the opportunities in the travel industry for bilinguals,
* Discover language learning tips from someone born an raised in a NON-MANDARIN speaking country.

Sit back and enjoy my interview with Ms Zarah Ching!

Professional Career



1:56 How did your Mandarin Proficiency help you in your career?
2:52 Compensation for Mandarin Bllinguals
4:26 What are you expected to do as a Bilingual?
7:58 Demand for Mandarin bilinguals: fad or lasting?
10:06 How do companies test an applicant’s Mandarin proficiency?


Language Learning




0:09 What was your attitude towards learning Mandarin growing up?
0:39 Pizza and Mandarin?
2;24 What’s your biggest influence in learning Mandarin?
5:00 How do you keep your Mandarin proficiency at a high level??
7:49 What are young student’s attitude towards learning Mandarin Chinese?
9:11 Want to learn Mandarin now? This is your FIRST step



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Fluent in 3 Months – Awesome blog on learning languages super-fast!



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  1. Good interview allan!

    • Thanks a lot, Kelvin! Glad you liked the interview 🙂

  2. Pinned your site and your video interview @ Pinterest 🙂

    • Appreciate that a lot man! More power to and as well 🙂

  3. Nice post Allan! More more more of like this!!!

    • Thanks Louis! I have a couple more of these lined up 🙂 Appreciate the feedback. Glad you found the post useful.

  4. Hi Allan! Thanks for all your hard work in making this first ever video interview on your site! I’m honored to share my knowledge and experiences to the viewers out there!

    Lesson learned for my next video session: Don’t be that CLOSE to the webcam! haha! My face looks so big! 🙂

    Hope to see more of your work soon!


    • Hi Zarah!

      Thanks for the kind words. Glad to have you as well. It was fun 🙂

      Don’t worry about being too close to the camera, I made that mistake before as well haha!


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