How to work at home in your PAJAMAS!

Odesk Oconomy : Worldwide distribution of contractors

“Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts.”
– Arnold Bennett 




Coming back from China after my scholarship program, I was starting from scratch, career-wise. With a clean slate on hand, I wanted to try my luck with making money online.

Internet and mobile communication have heavily affected our everyday lives and I thought to myself that working from home doesn’t really sound far-fetched.

I then buckled down and searched my butt off on anything I could find that would allow me to make money in my pajamas.

The thing that I was wary of was scams. As a certified public accountant with a banking background, I have been trained to trust but verify and to always have professional skepticism.

But one company came up over and over again. And upon further checking, I knew that it was legitimate and something worth trying out.

It was Odesk.



Odesk is basically an online marketplace where employers post their job openings and where freelancers or contractors apply for them. It virtually eliminates any geographic boundaries that traditional job hiring/hunting entails.

To know more, please watch this video:

I was able to land a good paying job as a financial analyst for an American firm. How good? Let’s just say I made more in that job in 2 weeks than I did with my management job at the bank for a month.

I was involved in that project for four months from October 2010 to February 2011. I found it interesting that friends whom I described my online job to were astonished and the first thing they would always say is “good thing it’s not a scam”.

This led me to believe that I was on to something. I was into something that my peer group whom I consider very well informed, is totally unaware of. I caught on something quite early on.

In short, this is legitimate.



Well Odesk calls it Oconomy. And it is pretty amazing. Check it out below:

Hours worked per location


Odesk transactions for September 2011

As we can see, the top country earning from Odesk is the Philippines. It’s a Southeast Asian country that’s half a world from most of the employers who normally are from the developed countries.

What is interesting in the statistics is the combination of the Philippines and India. The two countries who coincidentally are also the top two in the call center industry or to be more accurate the business process outsourcing industry

Other than talent and cheaper labor, what makes these two countries stand out is their command of the English language.



Odesk Employment Report

As we can see, China has cracked the top 10 in Odesk countries list. It is not long before they move up the rankings as well. China is not yet known as a strong English speaking country yet this move up the ranking is quite significant. I believe a share big share of the credit goes to the burgeoning demand for Mandarin speakers

Growing trend of demand for translation services


Plus, we can see that translation jobs is on the rise and with China becoming more and more of a consumer hub in recent years, many companies would be wanting to translate plenty of their content into Chinese.

On top of translation then, what are the common types of jobs a Mandarin speaker may expect to land at Odesk? Let’s look at the list below: (This is not an exhaustive list)

* Financial Service provider

* Internet Link Builder

* Project Manager

* Teacher

* Voice-Over Artist

* Astrologist

* Programmer

* Newsletter Writer

* Web researcher

* Marketer


Opportunities are definitely aplenty. Virtually anything that could be done with a computer and an internet connection is available.

So try your luck at working in your pajamas!

You could go to Odesk and register for free and get more information at their website.

This post is intended to give you a nudge in the right direction. For more updates regarding this topic, please check out how with the message in RED below.

The On Demand Global Workforce - oDesk



P.S. To learn insider tips on working from home as a virtual assistant, please check out online marketing guru Jomar Hilario.

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  1. Nice blog Allan. I have also signed up with Odesk and even made a blog how to earn online via Odesk. I had three job offers but the problem with them is that its either the location or the type of job required. Hoping to capitalize someday on Odesk so that I can literally earn a living in my pajamas 🙂

    • Hi Louis.
      Thanks for taking the time to read the post. Yup, Odesk is in a sense a microcosm of real-life. It won’t all fall into place at the first shot but you will find your way through it eventually. The benefits of working from home without the hassle of travel and traffic among others will be hopefully make-up for the adjustment 🙂

  2. I’ve tried Odesk but I haven’t got any job yet because I find some jobs in there ( design , web design) literally low. Some of the job offer compensate at a very low wages like $4-$8/hour for a website, when you compared to their market value in their country they had to pay for like $400-$1000 per project.

    • Hi Marie,

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I visited your website and you do a lot of wonderful designs. Odesk is indeed a competitive marketplace but there are techniques to better your chances of getting a better. My forte is in finance so I am not really that adept in the web design industry. If you want to enhance your qualifications and have some training on how to market yourself as a contractor in Odesk you might want to check out the link I posted at the end of the article regarding Jomar Hilario. He has written for the most recent Moneysense magazine.


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