Best of the Week #5: Top 10 Foreigners Who Speak Chinese Better than Me –

bǎi wén bùrú yī jiàn
Seeing is believing. 

Everyone could use a little inspiration from time to time. Especially those of us traversing the long journey towards Mandarin fluency.


So this week I thought of sharing a post from featuring 10 Non-Native
Mandarin speakers that could put local speakers to shame. (Well not all of them but they sure are impressive!)

Check out one of them – Uwechue Emmanuel (aka Hao Ge) is from Liberia, Africa who is now a celebrity in China who sings songs in Chinese.


Watch all the videos here!


  1. I noticed that none of the “top 10” are women…is it harder for women to learn Chinese? Seriously, I am not joking! Are there any studies that show that men can learn foreign language easier? Just wondering…

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