Best of the Week #3: Rapid Language Hacking with Benny Lewis

huángtiān bù fù kǔxīn rén
Heaven helps those who help themselves.

I actually came across this TEDx Talk from Fluent in 3 Months’ Benny Lewis when I just started Money in Mandarin. It is definitely one of the more vivid, educational and entertaining talks I’ve heard on language learning for a long time.

He is currently fluent in close to 10 languages. And earlier this year, he added Mandarin Chinese to that list by traveling to Taiwan and learning the language locally and through the use of technology.

In this video, he shares the mindset and strategies he applies when learning a new language – any language. So just hit play on the video below and learn:

  •  How a guy with a speech impediment grew to become one of the most recognized polyglots worldwide
  •  Sure-fire techniques to improve your memory (the fun way!)
  •  Why Coca-Cola, internet and Obama can help you learn another language
  •  His powerful (and free) technique to keep yourself accountable to learning a language


“I didn’t make a new years resolution (to) speak Spanish someday. There are 7 days in a week and someday is NOT one of them. You need to start now”

– Benny Lewis

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