Best of the Week #2: FluentFlix : Heaven-sent! A Revolutionary Way to Learn Mandarin Chinese through Videos

wànshì qǐtóu nán
The first step is the hardest.


Watching videos is one of the best ways to learn Mandarin Chinese. It’s entertaining and educational at
the same time.

In fact, one of my most fulfilling moments in learning Mandarin is watching a Chinese movie at a theater in Shanghai with no English subtitles and actually laughed simultaneously with the local audience at a witty remark the lead actor made.

That was a gem, because it doesn’t always go that way with videos. I often get pretty neurotic with it, thus whenever I don’t understand a word, this cycle happens:

PAUSE     To see the character on screen that I want the definition of
SEARCH  Look into my dictionary for its definition
WRITE     Note down this new vocabulary in my handy notebook
PLAY        Continue on with the video

And when I was starting out this step happened A LOT! It took so much effort and time that oftentimes sucks the joy out of watching.

That is Until Now…

This is the reason why I got totally excited to test the Fluentflix’s Beta version of their revolutionary video learning tool for Mandarin Chinese.
But rather than telling you about it, I’ll show it to you through well… a VIDEO ☺

Get your very own access to Fluentflix below!



Special Mention!


I would also like to thank for the feature they ran (link) on Money in Mandarin’s E-book 10 Clever Chinese Idioms: Express Yourself Better and Be Absolutely Impressive!

This is an absolute honor! If you haven’t already, grab your free copy here!



10 Clever Chinese Idioms on Livemocha


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