An Insider Look at How Mandarin Chinese is Helping My Business (& how movies can get you started!)

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”


I was full of anticipation. My dad was holding the remote, carefully aiming it at the television, and one push of the button would lead to all the kiddie goodness a child would want.


What Grace “Winny” Co, owner of One Stop Shop Gadgets, saw next changed her life. Catch my interview with her below to find out exactly what she saw and how it has affected her life (7:40).

Winny's Profile Photo

Grace “Winny” Co

In this interview you’ll also discover:

* The ugly truth about why studying Mandarin doesn’t work (and why she watches movies instead).

* How her Mandarin Chinese helped her create better working relationships (w/o knowing any “business” Mandarin)

* How she self-studied her way to fluency and shares how you can too.

* A whole lot more.

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0:55 How does your Mandarin fluency help you in business?
3:02 What made you confident in doing business in Chinese?
4:01 Did you have prior training in Business Mandarin?
5:00 How important is fluency in Mandarin Chinese in business/career?
7:04 What was the language environment that you grew up in?
9:02 How did your school impact your Mandarin Chinese fluency?
10:06 What sort of self-study did you do?
12:09 Where to find Mandarin Chinese videos online

Links mentioned:

Over to you!

Did I miss a question? Head over to the comments section below and ask Grace a question!

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  1. Hi mymy,

    Im glad you find my story inspiring and helpful. Chinese mandarin is now gaining more and more importance globally. That is why I personally encourage everyone to learn more about this language. I am honored and happy that through this interview, people got to know more about how mandarin currently plays an importamt role in each of our lives. 🙂

  2. Very inspiring!
    I envy her, she started taking interest in learning the language on an early age and on a fun way. I agree that you need to be so interested in learning the language to be able to master it faster.
    I too learned most of my Mandarin in Chinese movies with subtitles in Star movies.

    OFF TOPIC: Loving the quote! This is what I’m trying to practice right now!
    “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

    Thank you for the video links! They are very helpful!

    Thank you Allan for another great and inspiring Real-life stories! Looking forward for more! 😀

    • Hi Mymy!

      I’m extremely glad you found this interview inspiring. Watching movies is definitely a fun way to learn the language, it doesn’t feel like a chore that way, right?

      Yeah, I like that quote a lot too! It does pay to keep persevering – one step at a time.

      I’ll keep you posted on the upcoming features! Thanks to Winny for sharing your story!

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