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Hi, I’m Allan, I started Money in Mandarin on September 2011 to spread the word about the benefits of a language I once hated — Mandarin Chinese.

Allow me to share a little story about myself. Growing up, I was always told to study my Chinese lessons well because one day I will use it when I grow up. I didn’t listen.

I absolutely disliked the subject. Needless to say, I was not fluent in the language and it eventually came back and haunted me. I missed a big career opportunity in the process because of my inability to use the language.

After a heavy dose of quarter-life crisis, I decided to do something I thought I would never do again in my life, that is to study Mandarin Chinese!

This was through the Gokongwei Brothers Foundation – China Scholarship Program.

My one-year immersion in the language with Confucius Institute in Manila and Fudan University in Shanghai, China opened my eyes to the immense opportunities ahead for a person fluent in Chinese. At the same time, I had a renewed appreciation for its importance in history, culture and identity.

I discovered that being able to converse in Mandarin is really kind of … COOL!

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How can this Money in Mandarin can help you


Students have long lost motivation to learn Mandarin Chinese because they don’t see its practical application. In short, money talks and Mandarin doesn’t say much in the real world.

I hope to change that with this blog by inspiring people especially the youth to learn Mandarin Chinese through:

Real-life Stories : Inspiring tales of people who overcame challenges of learning Mandarin Chinese and are using it in their chose careers.

Learn Chinese : Features strategies and techniques to learn Mandarin Chinese as well as articles that will deepen your appreciation of the Chinese culture, history and traditions.

Fortune Billboard : Discover lucrative career and business opportunities using your fluency in the language. Plus tips on saving and growing your hard-earned money.

Money indeed talks… and it speaks in Chinese!

So I hope you’ll find the contents of this site useful. Wander around, read, learn, enjoy and share! Because you’ll never know, you might just be the next one to find…  Money in Mandarin!

You can reach me by clicking here. 🙂

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