8 Easy Chatroom Slang Finally Decoded!
 (and ready for use)

8 Easy Chatroom Slang Finally Decoded!
 (and ready for use)

We’ve all been through it. Textbooks teach us proper Mandarin Chinese. 你好 for hello, 谢谢 for thank you and 再见 for goodbye.

As in any language, including your own, people tend to do shortcuts and introduce slang along the way. Now not all of us has the chance to talk the streets of Shanghai to hear it but we all have access to the internet.

And here is where real-world learning begins. Here are 8 chartroom slangs you can use right away to get into the pulse of the Chinese cyberspace culture.

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8 Easy Chatroom Slang Finally Decoded!
 (and ready for use)


  1. Hey, Guys, Great site. I wish you well with your business — and 3Q for the help with my Chinese.

    Your timing is a wee bit bad: I just bought Rosetta — but if you give me a good price on Rosetta Cantonese maybe in June or July, I’ll be happy to buy it from you, if it exists by then.



    • Hey David,

      Thanks for the great feedback! No worries, I hope you can share the site with your friends who are learning Mandarin Chinese as well. They might be able to take advantage of this limited promo.

      P.S. I’m glad you’re already using these internet slangs right away!

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