Money in Mandarin’s 1st Anniversary Contest

How You Can Win a Completely Free 1 Year Livemocha Gold Key Subscription

Time flies so fast.

It was a just a little over a year ago when Money in Mandarin started to share the numerous benefits of learning Mandarin Chinese and at the same time impart various learning strategies that will enable a busy person like you achieve Mandarin fluency.

This past year has been very fruitful. I was fortunate enough to connected with people from various industries and from around the world. Here are some of the people/organizations I have worked with.


I have also written my very first e-book this year.

Lastly, this site grew to more than 600 plus subscribers in the past 3 months. And I have you to thank for being part of the Money in Mandarin family.

As a simple thank you, I’m giving you a chance to win a 1 Year Livemocha Gold Key Subscription. All you have to do is answer this one simple question

“Why you think Livemocha’s Gold Key will help you reach Mandarin Chinese fluency?”

Entries with more specifics have a better chance of winning.

Winner will be announced on
Nov 14, 2012 (U.S) / Nov 15, 2012 (PHL)

I’m really excited to read your entry and hear what you have to say…

Good luck!


  1. Yesterday in my English language class, students were discussing about learning Mandarin Language. When I asked about this language, they are of the view that it is one of the most important language now a days and it is flourishing day by day and we should learn this language too. Hence I would be glad if I could get this opportunity, I will definitely spare some time and will learn what Mandarin is and how do I take the benefits from this language.

  2. Livemocha Gold Key helps me learn Manadarin effortlessly.

  3. I really love to learn Mandarin. But, my environment sometimes does not support me to improve my skill. With Gold key I can learn Mandarin by myself. Hopefully, I can master it and continue my study to China.

  4. Livemocha will give me all the benefits of learning Mandarin Chinese as well as the various learning techniques that will enable a busy person like me to achieve Mandarin fluency. With a busy schedule and an almost no social life to boast, it is difficult to find someone who would be willing enough to spare his/her time in sharing the knowledge and wisdom of conversing, communicating or even writing in Mandarin. Hopefully Livemocha will make all the difference. Thank you Livemocha! and more power!

  5. I think because it offers not only speaking and writing exercises but video conversation as well.
    The best is you can learn mandarin anytime anywhere after downloading it.As the sayings go, constant practice makes one perfect.

  6. Any key is good when opens the windows of a language. Like any window, it gives you access to a new landscape, more “fresh” air, more understanding of the world…
    A gold key is like the gold fish. It allows you not only to see the new landscape but also to open the wishful box with jewleries which makes you a rich person: rich with knowledge, rich with new friends, rich through understanding a new culture…

  7. Of course we an belive that gold key like some miracle will help us reach Mandarin Chinese fluency, but it is not, because at first we need to study, and the gold key is only little helper on the way. But I will be glad to have that little helper 🙂

  8. Livemocha’s Gold Key will help me reach Mandarin Chinese fluency because they have the best strategy in teaching languages. The basic course that they will provide is enough to teach me to become fluent in any languages that I like.
    Maria Theresa Natividad recently posted..How to learn Mandarin Chinese with Livemocha (Basic Course + Gold Key)My Profile

  9. Growing up in a Chinese family but taking Mandarin lessons in school lackadaisically and not using it in daily conversation kind of stunted my fluency in Mandarin. Livemocha’s Gold Key will hopefully help me exercise my Mandarin and help me attain fluency in the language to equip me in dealing with clients from Mandarin speaking corporations with more confidence.

  10. I moved to Germany about a year ago, and since I’ve been living here, a wonderful thing is occurring. I have made friends with students from around the world, representing so many different languages and cultures. Not only is my German improving, but my interest in Spanish has been rekindled. I’ve also been picking up tidbits and idioms from at least five other different languages. And I have since taken up a new venture: Mandarin. After the first lesson, it was clear – this is going to take a lot of effort. Tones, impossible pronunciation, characters… I’ve been using other language learning sites such as Memrise, but I’m going to need something more interactive and engaging for Mandarin, and it looks like the Gold Key is the ticket. As a student, there’s no way I can afford it. But hopefully…. I can win it.

  11. I want to be a chinese,though it’s way to imposible.:D So atleast their language im trying to learn cuz i find it pretty interesting and can be
    of great help since im on a business course.It’ll be my advantage somehow if i know Mandarin when dealing with Chinese tycoons.:))

  12. Reason for being a Livemocha fan….
    Livemocha is really a big help to my goal to improve my Mandarin fluency. It is like my virtual classroom. The modules are very structured and helpful that I don’t get overwhelmed on where to start learning the language. The great plus is the interaction between individuals who has the love to learn a new language.

    Winning the gold key can unlock numerous opportunities and resources to help me improve better on my Mandarin.

  13. I believe that Livemocha’s gold key could help me increase my knowledge in Mandarin because of its modern and exciting ways of teaching the language. I could learn from the native speakers who are the best teachers to correct my grammar in writing and speaking. It is very convenient and time saving because I do not need to go to a school to learn the language. =)

  14. To once and for all master my ancestral language, be in touch with the Chinese community and learn the tradition and culture of my ancestors. It will also be a big boost to me psychologically and career wise. The key will be my Path to success =)

  15. I will get access to a wide range of products which are presently unavailable. I also plan to not only learn, become fluent in Mandarin Chinese but I also hope to become a teacher of Mandarin Chinese in our local schools in my country. I will be attending a 2-day training of becoming a Mandarin Chinese teacher. Given this chance will increase my chance of having a wide range of access.

  16. I think, Livemocha’s Gold Key will help me reach Mandarin Chinese fluency because they have the capacity and the ability to share to other people what Chinese Mandarin is and how useful this language is.. aside from that learning Mandarin Chinese will help me to communicate to other people in different parts of the world since it is the universal language, and with that I will be confident enough to communicate.. Moreover.. I think with the Golden Key I can learn and speak fluently in Mandarin Chinese..and with that, I can also share what I’ve learned to others who are interested in the near future..

  17. Being the the brain of good intentions,i strongly believe that Livemocha’s Gold Key will help us to achieve the very best in learning language with the help of our own determination to learn..Mandarin is not as simple as ABC,and to offer you a gift of learning is really a great and serious chance.

    xie xie ni 谢谢你..

  18. in the new modern world there are one chance to take and not to come to you by it self so going to Mandarin environment is the only way to find your chance among millions of people some of them haven’t learned Mandarin .
    its my goal and my direction and with your KEY i will be more close to it
    thank you for the Golden Key

  19. Gold’s Gym opens its doors for me to do my physical exercise ;-). The Gold Key on the other hand will open the door for me to do my mental exercise online–learning Mandarin the fun way.
    Learning a new language requires constant exercise in all forms especially for those without a great memory, and these necessities are what the Gold Key will equip me with in the meantime to prep me up– before the time comes that I set my foot in China one day as part of my bucket list. I chose to learn Mandarin because I appreciate my heritage. 🙂

  20. to ready my self as i graduate from college and to communicate with my chinese relatives

  21. I am a College Student majoring in AB Chinese Studies. As such, I find it really important to find ways for me to increase my knowledge and proficiency on the Chinese Language. LiveMocha has truly been a very useful tool in expanding my knowledge on Mandarin. I believe that the Gold Key would greatly help me in being more proficient in the Chinese Language.

    • Livemocha Gold Key unlocks wisdom from diverse sources and the wisdom gained applies in any life situation

    • Where are u taking AB Chinese?

  22. Cause I would get better materials to improve my fluency!

  23. Because I am looking forward to enter the fascinating world of China! So please! Give me the Golden Key! 😉

  24. There are not many opportunities to practice Mandarin where I live – Rio de Janeiro. A Live Mocha Gold Key will allow me to access information and exercises so that I can immerse myself in a Mandarin environment.

  25. Being able to learn a language and attain fluency needs persistence. In my busy life, becoming fluent in Mandarin has become a long-term goal that seems to be far-fetched, because I takes away from my short-term career goals. The lack of time flexibility, accessibility and high costs hinder language learning. Should i have night classes, day classes or projects running, I’d still be able to access tutors and classes from anywhere at any time with the Livemocha Gold Key. Eliminating the typical classroom atmosphere is also more conducive for unconventional learners such as myself that find it difficult to sit still. Especially now that I will engage in further studies indefinitely while trying to work part-time, Livemocha’s Gold Key will provide borderless learning that can maximize the opportunity become fluent in Mandarin despite my limited resources, time constraint and constant displacement.

    • Parabéns Chantily, seu comentário é realmente muito bom

      Luiz Carlos

      • Congratulations Ms. Tan!

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